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What is a car body kit?

A car body kit is a set of exterior car components that have been modified to offer an alternative to the appearance and performance of factory OEM parts. Typically, a body kit may include front and rear spoilers, side skirts, bumpers, custom fenders, valance panels, and hood scoops. These could be made from heavier-weight plastics, carbon fiber, or fiberglass.  

Most of the parts are inspired by the functionality and look of body refinements seen on race cars. They are mainly meant to improve aerodynamics and make race cars faster. For full body kits designed for cars outside the race track, some focus mainly on aerodynamic improvements while others just offer maximum style. That means you can have your car performing like a race car or looking like one. There are those that are both for show and for go, meaning they give that extra aesthetic appeal while improving the car’s performance. 

Fortunately, despite what you choose, most body kits are designed to look harmonious and beautiful. Therefore, you may never have to compromise looks for performance or vice versa. Once your kit is installed and painted, it will definitely bring some deserved attention to your car because of the improved aesthetics. Just remember to have a professional do the installation for you especially where the work requires some filling, sanding, and other minor modifications. This helps to achieve a perfect fir. 

Benefits of car body kits

  1. They improve the appearance of an ordinary car by giving it a customized look. 
  2. Ground kits increase downforce to keep the car glued to the ground at higher speeds. 
  3. They improve aerodynamic features of a car that help to reduce fuel consumption. 
  4. They add a touch of style and individuality to the car according to the owner’s liking. 
  5. Parts derived from race tracks help to improve the handling and stability of a car.
  6. Front air dams direct air into ducts and side scoops to help cool the engine, oil, transmission fluids and water. 
  7. Side skirts installed on rocker panels restrict the air from interfering with the Jetstream underneath the car, hence, avoiding drag and turbulence. 
  8. Spoilers help to create downforce for better turning and cornering. They also prevent the car from losing its grip. 
  9. Rear diffusers help to keep the car on the ground by stabilizing its movement. 
  10. Protective kits help to keep the car in the right condition when driving on rough terrain. 

Lightweight Replacement Hoods

Car hoods help to keep the engine compartment away from elements that may interfere with the engine. In addition to covering the engine, they play an important role in improving a car’s aerodynamics. They allow air to flow uninterrupted along the surface and onto the windshield. 

Lightweight replacement hoods use fiberglass, acrylic and carbon fiber, to improve the aerodynamics of custom cars. They are lighter than ordinary aluminum hoods. Since they weigh less, they reduce the overall weight of the car. Replacement hoods are a popular part of body kits for they greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of a car.
Lightweight Replacement Trunk lids And Rear Hatch Lids

The trunk lid and rear hatch lid are panels that allow access to the luggage or main storage compartment of a car. They are some of the most popular parts that are replaced to reduce the overall weight of the car. Substituting heavy metal for a lightweight panel helps the engine to drug less weight as you drive along. This makes your car faster. 

Lightweight replacement trunk lids and rear hatch lids are made from fiberglass or carbon fiber panels and weigh up to half the weight of factory panels. The best options are bolt-on body kits that are designed to improve the appearance of the car and offer ultimate performance when it comes to aerodynamics.

Lightweight Replacement Fenders

Custom fenders are another body kit component that helps car owners to adjust the size of their stock fender wells. This allows them to fit the tires and wheels of choice. An aggressive set of custom fenders could see you having skinnier rims and tires while enjoying a conservative offset and an aggressive race car appearance. 

Large rims and low profile tires not only boost aesthetics but also enhance performance too. The best way to fit them is by first replacing your original fenders with wide body custom options. They resemble those designed for race cars while some are based on stock body parts.
Lightweight Replacement Doors

Custom designed replacement doors are a great alternative to original factory doors. This is especially, if they are lightweight. Having lighter car doors means that you’ll be driving around a car that weighs less. This could have substantial benefits to your car’s driving speed and performance.

Lighter doors also allow car owners to opt for signature vertical doors, such as those seen on a Lamborghini. These give your car that enduring aesthetic sensation that very few cars have. Like most replacement parts, doors must be designed to a particular vehicle. The best brands provide tight specifications for your model and make sure the door does not look out of place or cause problems during installation.

FAQ (answer very briefly):

Are wide body kits legal?

Most wide body kits are legal as long as they do not alter the chassis or main structure of the vehicle. Bolt-on options are among the best and can be fitted without experiencing any problems from the authorities. 

What is the point of a wide body kit?

Wide body kits perform various functions on SUVs, cars and trucks. For example, wide fenders allow owners to install wider wheels. Bumper splitters, trunk spoilers, and bumper lips reduce downforce or help to properly distribute it to improve aerodynamics.
Does body kit affect car performance?

Body kits affect a car’s aerodynamics which then affects performance. They are mainly used to reduce drag and increase traction. This helps to enhance vehicle handling and improve fuel economy.

What is a car side skirt?

A car side skirt is a body component that is used to minimize the high pressure area on the side of the car. This helps to improve performance and provide for better airflow. Side skirts are also used to protect the bottom of the car from dirt and other external elements.
Does rear spoiler improve car's performance?

A rear spoiler helps to increase a car’s turbulence and aerodynamic drag. This helps to reduce fuel mileage. Where a rear wing or spoiler is used, it improves stability, cornering downforce, and traction. These improvements are mostly experienced when the car is going really fast.

What does a car lip do?

A car lip is installed beneath the side skirts and bumpers to help with aerodynamics and provide protection against scrapes and other external elements that you encounter as you drive.

How much does a custom body kit cost?

On average, a full body kit costs about $16,000. The cost varies widely depending on the type of body kit you want. Lower-priced options will typically have “ground effects” with higher priced versions offering entire replacements. Therefore, a full body kit can cost you anywhere between $7,000 and $60,000.


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