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Running boards are important accessories for most trucks and SUVs as they make entering and exiting the vehicles easier for everyone. The normal running boards are usually fixed permanently under the car between the rear and front wheels for the convenience of the driver and his/her passengers. To make running boards stylish and effective, manufacturers are moving electric retractable running boards that will come out automatically when the door is opened and retract when closed.

The retractable running boards are not just about getting in and out of the vehicle as they add some style that sets your vehicle apart from the rest. Retractable running boards are bound to take over the market as they have received tremendous support from some of the big automotive manufacturers. Ford motors, for example, offers the power running boards on the 2006 Lincoln Navigator and Mercury Mountaineer.

Completely powered and illumined, Automatic Running Boards withdraw underneath the underside of your vehicle and protrudes outward automatically when necessary. This helps to keep the Automatic Running Boards invisible when they are not being used, leaving your vehicle’s appearance intact. In addition, Automatic Running Boards are entirely lit-up with a built-in LED light structure. This helps you to see where your feet are being placed regardless of how dark your surroundings are.

Best Electric Running Boards

AMP Research

Based in Tustin, California, AMP Research is perhaps the best-known name in electric running boards. AMP offers its Powerstep electric running board in the following three configurations.

Powerstep: The original Powerstep drops down six to seven inches from your truck's pinch weld and can hold up to 600 pounds when deployed. An integrated LED light system is included, making these steps easy to use even at night. 

Powerstep XL: If your truck is equipped with a lift kit, you know how difficult it can be to get in and out of the cab. 

Powerstep Xtreme: For trucks that see the harshest conditions such as snow and mud, the Powerstep Xtreme is designed to fight back against the power of the elements.


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