Best Backup Reverse Lights

About 99 percent of the time, all vehicles go forward, but every now and then, they need to go in the other direction. The visibility over the back is not as great as on the front, mostly because there are no headlights. To aid in that, cars are mounted with backup reverse lights from the factory. They act as illumination of the road and surroundings when you are backing up your vehicle. 

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What are backup reverse lights? 

As mentioned, the backup reverse lights are lights mounted on a vehicle’s tail to help put alight to the surroundings when going in reverse. In a lot of situations, they are mounted within the same case as the brake lights, but that can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some can have two on each side of the back end, others can have only on one side, and some can have them as independent lighting source somewhere in the middle. 

What are the brightest backup reverse lights? 

Same as almost any light in a car, there can be two types of reverse lights: LED or the traditional halogen bulbs. Halogens can be bright, but the brighter they are, the more power they will consume, making them the less popular choice. LEDs can be extremely bright while consuming much less power, which makes them the brightest option on the market today. 

Speaking of brightness, as you may know, every bulb’s ability to project light is measured in lumens. The higher the number, the higher the brightness the bulbs will project. A standard reverse light can vary depending on the vehicle, but in most cases, a regular light can produce around 1000 lumens of light. If your car has two, you are looking at about 2000 lumens every time you put it in reverse. 

Custom aftermarket reversing lights can go higher than this. Some manufacturers are selling LED bulbs producing over 1500 lumens from a single bulb.

No matter how bright your reverse lights are, there is one thing to keep in mind – their color. Reverse lights are white. Even if you want to replace them with a custom set of lights, make sure to get them in white.  

Additionally, if you feel that the factory back up lights do not provide enough illumination or just want to get more, you can install additional light sources. In a lot of cases, they are screwed on the bumper because it is easier to drill a hole in the plastic. 

What are the best LED reverse lights? 

This is a complicated question with an even more complicated answer. Today there are hundreds of manufacturers that design and sell LED backup lights. To be able to choose one, the first thing you will need to check is the slot where the bulb will need to go. Also, even though LEDs consume much less power, try not to go overboard with the power consumption, especially if you fit additional reversing lights to your vehicle.

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