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Technically, fog lights are lights that provide additional lighting during extreme conditions where there is a lot of fog, rain, snow, or dust. There are two kinds of fog lamps, front and rear, and each kind performs a specific, albeit related, function: that of increasing visibility and hence, safety.

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Front fog lamps give additional lighting at the front, increasing visibility for the driver. Front fog lamps usually produce a wide, intense beam of light with a sharp cutoff at the top portion of the housing. As a rule, front fog lamps are mounted low at the front of the vehicle and aimed low as well to prevent blinding any oncoming drivers. They usually come in either white or selective yellow (which removes the blue to violet wavelengths from the projected light, improving vision).

Occasionally, fog lamps are used in place of dual-function (high and low beam) headlamps. Because the direction in which the lamps are pointing are fixed, they can be adjusted so that there is little glare-back (light that is reflected) from fog or falling snow. However, it is best to check with your local authorities if using fog lamps on their own, without low beam headlamps, is legal. Also, never turn your fog lamps on if you don’t need them, as a courtesy to other drivers as well as not to break any laws.

Most cars already come equipped with dual-function headlamps. Some even have quadruple headlights, with one pair acting as the low beams, the other for high beams (which in most cases act as fog lamps). Other models, especially the sport-oriented ones, already come straight from the factory with integrated fog lamps, often called auxiliary lamps. These look very good since they are designed to blend with the vehicle’s lines and contours.

On the other hand, there are some models that don’t have these, whether they are of a lower trim or the factory just did not offer integrated auxiliary lamps for that particular model.  This is not really a major issue since the aftermarket scene usually has a solution for every accessory problem imaginable.

Round or rectangular fog lamps are readily available at most car accessory stores. These come with either white or yellow bulbs or lenses; it’s up to you which ones to install. This type is usually attached externally, under the bumper. Integrated fog lamps are also available, but you might have to do a bit of research in looking for a place to buy one. Of course, you can always try to find the kind you want online since you can pretty much get anything over the internet.

In the case of rear fog lamps, they are used to increase the visibility of your vehicle to the driver behind you. Rear fog lamps usually come as standard in most cars meant for markets where heavy fog is a common occurrence.

As with every installation that involves wiring and electricity, it’s always best to engage the services of a certified automotive electrician. Since fog lamps put an additional strain on the alternator and battery, components such as fuses and relays may need to be installed, and of course, you would certainly want to have the job done properly.

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