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What You Should Know About Instrument Panel Lights

Do you want to install LED dash lights and require some assistance? Do you know how to properly install LED dash lights on your car? If not, then you have come to the right place! Having faulty instrument panel lights or dashboard lights is like driving your car or truck with your eyes closed because you cannot see the health of your vehicle or checks your speed. For a safe drive for you, your passengers, and other road users, you must ensure that your instrument panel light bulbs are in pristine condition. 

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What are instrument panel lights?

Instrument panel lights display information regarding the status and health of your vehicle. Without these lights, you may never know when your vehicle requires gas fill up until. These lights will always warn you whenever there is something wrong with your vehicle. A malfunctioning instrument panel may mean that the electrical system of your vehicle has problems.

What do dashboard lights mean?

Dash lights play a crucial role in indicating a problem with your vehicle that requires checking or immediate action. For example, transmission temperature indicator light simply means that the engine temperatures have exceeded the normal limits. Most dash warning lights may indicate that an issue or fault has occurred in your vehicle’s system, but will not pinpoint the specific system or item that has failed. 

Causes of Faulty Dash Lights

When the dashboard lights cease to work, they can cause difficulties while driving and they can also become a safety hazard. This is why you must check your dash lights and carry out the necessary replacements or repairs to avoid dire consequences.  Dash lights may not be working if:

  • The dashboard dimmer switch is turned down or off
  • A bad light bulb
  • A blown fuse 
  • Electrical or wiring issues

How to install LED dash lights

  • You should be ready to handle some disassembling. You will have to get to the back of your instrument panel. This means that disconnecting and disassembling wires is necessary. Furthermore, the type of vehicle you have will determine how you prepare for the task. 
  • Locate the burned-out bulbs or bulbs that you wish to remove and replace with LED lights. You may require more LED bulbs depending on what you need or want to replace. You will also have to analyze how the bulbs work and where the power comes from. There are two metal pieces that are on the copper of the circuit board and are situated on either side of the holes that usually send power to dash bulbs.
  • You should then test for voltage using a multimeter. It is recommended that you utilize 14 volts as your base. This step should be taken seriously. 
  • Get the LED lights ready. Be sure to purchase light bulbs that suit your specific vehicle. Keep in mind that the model and make of your vehicle will largely determine the types of LED dash light bulbs you will need. 
  • Hook the LED lights with the resistors and then carry out a little testing. You want to ensure that the new dash lights are working before you get out on the road. Be cautious when hooking the bulbs with the resistors to avoid blowing the fuse. 
  • After you are done, you should solder the resistors to the LED lights and then put the heat shrink over it. Be sure to also carry out some quick testing. Ensure that your LED dash lights are working, they look good, and you feel satisfied with the job you have done. 
  • Finally, you should replace all the pieces of the dashboard, clear your tools and enjoy your new LED dash lights whenever you are driving. 

Your vehicle communicates to you using the dash lights. Basically, the dash lights illuminate to tell you when something is wrong with the vehicle. Therefore, you need to listen to avoid having real problems on your hand. There are a variety of LED dashboard lights that you can install for both functionality and safety and for decoration purposes to give your car a sophisticated look. 

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