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Finding some spare change or your lighter in a dark car can be a nightmare. That is why manufacturers have been fitting cars’ interiors with interior lights, often referred to as dome or courtesy lights. 

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Vehicles from the factory come with a set of interior lights installed on the ceiling of the car or sometimes near the grab handles. On the older models, the interior lights are turned on as soon as one of the doors is opened, and they stay on until it is closed. Modern cars have a bit smarter approach to it. The interior lights turn on as soon as the vehicle is unlocked and may stay on until the drivers start it up. 

Older models also have the old-school light bulbs, while newer models can come with LED interior lights as standard. Some more premium models may even include ambient LED strips, which basically do not illuminate at all; they just look cool. 

What color can the interior light be? 

Unlike other lights on your car, the color choice of the interior light is a bit more flexible. In most cases, the interior lights are yellowish, making them warm and more pleasant on the eyes, while in some rarer cases, the interior light can be white. 

Location-wise, the light sources can be anywhere from the ceiling to the sides and even some ambient light strips. Older models usually have one overhead light somewhere in the middle of the cabin with the hopes of illuminating the entire interior. Newer models can have a separate light source for the front and back passengers or even a separate light for each of the four sides. 

Replacing the interior lights 

The most common question people ask is if they can change the interior lights and what color it can be. 

We will start off with the first part – yes, you can change your interior light. Car manufacturers make it easy to remove the plastic housing around the light bulb and fit a replacement one. People do this in older cars because either their original bulb went out or they want more light in the cabin. 

The second part is the color. Even though the most commonly used colors in interior lights are white and yellowish, you can replace the bulbs with any color you want. At this point, no country has a law about the color used in the interior of the car. The reason for that is the light only works when the vehicle is turned off and stationary, so it does not mess with your driving. 

In today’s era, LED lights are a much better choice as a light source out of two reasons: power consumption and lifespan. An average LED light will last longer than a regular one and will consume less power. That means that if you do decide to go for an interior light replacement, go for a LED one.

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