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Driving at night has always been difficult. Even if you have perfect vision, there will always be places where there is little to no visibility at all. This is where headlights come into play. Whatever kind of vehicle you have, you require quality bulbs that not only give you a bright beam of light but also ones that will not burn out at the most inopportune moment.

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Car owners who find their vehicle’s start lacking in brightness often change the original bulbs to something brighter. For some, a higher wattage halogen bulb is enough. Other car owners prefer brighter lights, so they choose between xenon high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) or automotive LED light-emitting diode) bulbs.

LED bulbs are ideal for vehicles because they last far longer than ordinary halogen bulbs. The LED beam is not as intense as the one produced by HID lamps, so you don’t have to worry about blinding the driver of oncoming vehicles. LEDs also light up immediately once a current runs through them, unlike HID lamps that take some time to warm up. This is especially ideal for LED taillights since drivers behind you can react right away once you step on your brakes.

When purchasing LED bulbs, you have to be picky. High-quality LED bulbs are very durable. Some car experts say LED bulbs can last as long as ten years, even if used for an average of ten hours a day. LED bulbs produced by manufacturers like Sylvania are often tested by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to make sure the products meet the high standards and match the quality and requirement of the vehicle. High-quality automotive LED bulbs should have an “E” mark to determine its quality, which shows that it is legal for road use.

While LED lights perform much better than factory halogen bulbs, they are more expensive. However, they last far longer than ordinary bulbs and their lifespan makes up for the added price. Also, LED lights are composed of clusters, your headlights will still light up even if one of the LEDs burns out. Another issue with LED bulbs is the heat. While the bulb itself doesn’t get hot, a lot of heat is dispersed to the emitter. Other components like a heat sink are needed to dissipate the heat, which adds to the cost, though the gains do outweigh the added expense.

If one of your LED bulbs burns out, it’s best to change both (as with ordinary halogen bulbs) as the remaining one will most likely burn out soon after you replace it on the other side.

However, do check you state’s or country’s laws regarding aftermarket lighting. You might have to pay a fine if your vehicle is found to have illegal lights installed on them.

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