Best License Plate Lights

License plates have been around almost as long as the cars have been. Once the car frenzy began, authorities figured that it would be a good idea to tag the vehicles on the road, so by the end of the 19th century, the license plate was born. Soon after, the license plate light was introduced. 

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Fitted only to the back of the car, license plate lights have one job – to illuminate the license plates. Even though a vehicle has a license plate fitted on the front and rear bumper, the law requires you to have the lights only on the rear plate. 

The license lights are mounted on top of the plate stored in the housing, in most cases, on the trunk door or the bumper. They face down, making sure the rear place gets enough illumination to be seen from a distance, even in the dark. Some models have only one bigger light illuminating the entire plate, while others have two on each side. 

License plate lights requirements and rules 

As weird as it may seem, there are several laws regarding the lights of your license plate. The first and most important one is to have them work. Broken license plate light will get you pulled over, so make sure to check them often to make sure they are working. If one of them is not, make sure to get it replaces as soon as possible. 

The color of the plate light is the second rule that you need to be aware of. Car manufacturers are fitting their models from the factory with white light to comply with the laws and regulations of countries around the world. The reason for having white color is because plates have different colors around the states, to change the color of the light can make your plate’s color change. 

People often want to make some upgrades to their car’s lighting with a new set of LED lights. Some manufacturers sell lighting kits for a lot of the exterior bulbs on a vehicle. Before you go out and buy one, make sure the plate lights are white. Even if you get a kit with only the plate lights, make sure they are white. Fitting any other color may cause you to have problems with the law. 

The intensity of the lights is not something to be very concerned about. Most of them are designed to comply with the rules and regulations around the world, so you should not have any problems with that. Just make sure your license plate is well illuminated. 

When buying a new set of replacement lights, make sure you are getting bulbs that will fit your car. A lot of the car manufacturers use a different kind of light slots for their models, so make sure to get the right one. If you are not sure, take the bulb to the store and ask if they have that type of light.

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