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Oil and liquid fluids are essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the car. Engine oil provides lubrication and cooling, brake fluid transfers the pedal force of the brake to the brake pistons and transmission oil enables smooth gear changes. 

Oil has numerous important properties like lubricating effect, which reduces wear and increases efficiency. Cooling and corrosion protection are also important tasks of the engine oil.

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Since engine oil is subjected to mechanical, thermal and, not least, chemical stress, it is aging over time and must be changed on a regular basis. 

The classification of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has been awarded since 1911 and engine oil is classified according to the SAE J300 standard. The viscosity of the oil is measured in mm²/s at 100°C. This value is significantly lower than the working temperatures in the engine and is only used for standardization purposes.

Oils & Fluids Categories

A/C Chemicals (Refrigerants, PAG oils),, Adhesives & Sealants (Glue, Silicone, Epoxy), Air Filter Maintenance (Air Filter Oils and Cleaners), Antifreeze & Additives (Freeze & Boil Over Protection), Anti-Seize Lubricants (Nickel and Copper Anti-Seize), Bearing Lubricants (Lasting Bearing Operation), Brake Fluids & Lubricants (Safe & Efficient Braking), Cleaners & Degreasers (Engine, Brake, Glass), CV Joint Lubricants (Prolong the Life of CV Joints), Differential Lubricants (Maximize Differential Life), Electrical Lubricants (Cleans, Prevents Corrosion), Engine Oil Additives (For Ultimate Engine Protection), Fuel System Additives (Cleans & Lubricates), Gasketing (Gasket Makers & Sealants), Lubricants (Synthetic, Silicone, Hydraulic), Motor Oils (Synthetic, Conventional), Power Steering Fluid (Make Turning Easy), Suspension Lubricants (Greasing Prevents Wear), Thread Compounds (Threadlockers, Sealants), Transfer Case Lubricants (The Ultimate in Lubrication), Transmission Fluids, Oils & Additives (Manual & Automatic), U-Joint Lubricants (Protection Against Wear).

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3M, ACDelco, AISIN, AllStar Performance, Amalie Oil, Archoil, Beck Arnley, BlueDevil, Castrol, Champion Brands, COMP Cams, CRC, Driven Racing Oil, Dynatron, Eneos, Evercoat, Fast Orange, Febi, FUCHS, GDI Tools, Genuine, GOJO, Liqui Moly, Merchant Automotive, Mobil 1, Motorcraft, Prolong, Royal Purple, Valvoline, Zerex.

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