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Lowering the springs on your car and installing larger wheels will undoubtedly make it look more menacing. However, to fully catch that supercar feel, you will need to work on the details. Just installing new caliper covers on your vehicle will make it look much more pleasing to the eye.

For example, you can match the covers with the color of your automobile to get that sporty look. Or you can install some crazy colored brake caliper covers that will stand out from the rest of the vehicle. Whatever you do, the car will immediately be more recognizable as yours.

Luckily, there are numerous aftermarket custom brake caliper cover solutions, so it’s easy to get ones that will suit your style best. Apart from the myriad of colors available, you can have the logo of your vehicle stamped on them. Heck, you can even put your name on the caliper covers if that’s what you desire; they are infinitely customizable.

To help you make the right choice, we will tell you everything there is to know about caliper covers in this article. Thinking about painting your existing calipers instead of buying new ones? All similar questions will be answered here.

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What are Caliper Covers?

As their name suggests, these products cover the calipers on the brakes of your car. And why do they exist? Well, car manufacturers haven’t really designed the calipers to look good. Sure, some sports cars have sexy calipers, but most passenger cars don’t. And while most people purchase brake covers for cosmetic purposes only, they can also act as a barrier against brake dust and other debris.

The best caliper covers on the market should fit the caliper on the brakes of your car perfectly. On top of that, they should be made of high-quality materials that will last the test of time. In other words, they should resist brake dust and must be easily cleaned. Brake dust is one of the biggest enemies of your car, mind you, and it is generated daily.

Advantages of Caliper Covers

Obviously, the main advantage of caliper covers is that they look fresh and sporty. However, they possess other benefits. For example, they are not very expensive, yet capture the look of a much more costly vehicle. Paired with shiny modern rims, the caliper covers will transform your car into a different beast.

Then, they are available in many different colors and can be further customized by the buyer. Some custom brake caliper covers can display whatever you want on them, capturing the imagination of many enthusiasts. Another great thing about brake pad covers is that they are easy to install. It will take less than an hour to install colored brake caliper covers on your car. And that’s for all of the wheels.

That said, caliper covers aren’t available for drum brakes. Most older cars have disc brakes only on the front wheels and drum brakes on the back wheels. On these cars, you either need to paint the rear drum or to completely replace the drum brakes with disc brakes. On most cars, replacing the brakes with a new set is possible, but the process is not straightforward. You will probably need to visit a mechanic and spend a lot of money.

Caliper Covers vs. Caliper Paint

Even before caliper covers became a thing, car enthusiasts painted the existing calipers on their vehicles. Painting the calipers is a viable option for those that want to save on money – it might cost up to five times less than caliper covers. However, we still don’t recommend it for most people.

To really make the calipers look good, just spraying car paint won’t be enough. A whole process is involved here, often similar to painting the vehicle body. Yes, you can find painting kits that will make things easier, but painting is still much more time-consuming.

First, you need to remove your calipers and clean them of brake dust, which can take a lot of time. Brake dust can stick to metal really well. Then, you need to use masking tape to cover the parts you don’t want to be colored.

Finally, you need to paint the caliper covers, and let them dry for a pretty long time. If not, the paint will easily attract brake dust. And the result won’t be nearly as good as covers. The color won’t look that shiny, and you there will be no logo around.

On the other hand, caliper covers are straightforward to install. You don’t need to remove anything from the brake mechanism, just the wheels. The best caliper covers on the market today also look much better than painted calipers.

Also, caliper covers are available in many materials. From cheap yet colorful ABS plastic to luxurious aluminum, these covers will meet the requirements of any car enthusiast.

How to Install Caliper Covers

Before you even install the custom brake caliper covers, you need to choose the right ones for your vehicle. It is essential to spend more time when buying to make sure that they will fit your exact model. For example, four-cylinder versions of some cars have smaller brake calipers than their V6 counterparts. Be sure that you choose just the right covers for your vehicle.

Most aftermarket caliper covers come with the necessary accessories and tools for easy installation. Nonetheless, you still need to make sure that there is enough space between the caliper and the wheel (around 1/8”). If not, the caliper or the wheel might get damaged. Then, just follow the instructions down below.

For slot-type calipers:

  1. Put the caliper cover over the brake calipers until it fits snugly into place.
  2. Place the clips onto the side of the cover until they reach snug fit.
  3. Tighten the clips with the studs provided in the package.

For stud-type calipers:

  1. Place the clips onto the side of the existing brake caliper.
  2. Put the caliper cover over the brake calipers until it fits snugly into place. The opening on the side of the covers should land over the screws on the clips.
  3. Tighten the clips and covers with the studs provided in the package.

How to Customize Caliper Covers (Options)

Most caliper covers you’d find on the internet are available in several colors. Some of them are also available with a logo printed on them (e.g., BMW). However, to fully customize the look of the caliper covers, you can dig deeper.

Some accessories shops offer buyers custom engravings printed on the covers. You can also choose to paint the calipers with the same color you have on your car or any color from the RGB spectrum. Many patterns are also available – a trendy one is the “carbon-fiber” look.

However, the more you customize the caliper covers, the higher the price. Fully customized products often cost over $500.

Are Caliper Covers Safe?

Provided they fit inside the wheels without touching them, caliper covers are entirely safe to use. Brake pad covers will also not void the warranty on your car, so be free to start experimenting with the looks.

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