Best Ford Caliper Covers

Brake calipers are important parts on any Ford vehicle, and are used to squeeze the brake pad against the rotor and effect a smooth slow down. Some of the Ford models have these calipers well-hidden. While in others they are very much exposed, especially if you install an aftermarket set of wheels.

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This interferes with the general appearance. To curb this, Ford car owners can opt to paint the calipers or install caliper covers. In this article, we will discuss caliper covers, their advantages over the painting and installation process. 

Advantages of Installing Caliper Covers

- Performance benefits. Caliper covers reduce the amount of brake dust on wheels, making your general braking system seamless.
- Easy to install. Most of the caliper covers are model-specific. This means that their dimensions and specification are carefully designed to match different Ford car models. The installation guidelines are easy to grasp making the process quick. 
- Elegance on the ride. The caliper covers come in a wide array of colors, hence car owners can fit matching caliper covers on the front and rear wheels.

Caliper Covers vs. Painting

Painting is also a popular option to customize your brake calipers, but this comes with its own devastating effects compared to cover calipers. For instance, you can apply the paint in the wrong areas, hence affecting the whole braking system. Additionally, the paint can be heat irresistant leading to complete brake down of the brake calipers which is expensive to replace. With some of these shortcomings, it is always advisable to purchase brake covers.

How To Install Caliper Covers?

  1. Dissemble the four wheels on your Ford vehicle
  2. All the caliper covers have two brackets that align with the top bracket and turn your rotor as you push it in place on the caliper.
  3. Align the bottom bracket and repeat the process above.
  4. Slide your covers over the caliper and tighten it to fully cover the caliper.
  5. Repeat the same process on the four wheels.

Compared to other forms of covering your calipers, Caliper covers are ranked the safest. As outlined above, the covers not only bring out the elegance of your car but also have some performance benefits.  

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