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There is no shortage of ways to make your car stand out from the crowd. You can lower it for better stance, put bigger wheels for a sportier appearance, and install colored caliper brake covers for that supercar look. However, I think we can all agree that chromed wheels are the single most eye-catching thing when it comes to cars.

The chrome look certainly isn’t new – many classic cars were already equipped with such wheels. However, the moment rappers showed their massive SUVs with large chromed wheels; everybody was in. The thing is, real chrome wheels can be very expensive, especially if the wheels on your vehicle are large.

Fret not – you can get the same look just by installing chrome wheel skins. These inexpensive rim covers will capture that chromed look from your dreams for much less money. The best thing about these accessories is that they look 99% like an original chrome wheel. Only you will know the difference!

Why Would You Want Chrome Wheel Skins?

Chromium is a shiny metal that can be finished to produce a mirror-like look. There is no other element that can look like this. That’s why chrome wheels are as shiny as it gets – you’ll notice them from far away.

That said, the chromed wheels aren’t entirely made from chromium – the material is only used for plating. It’s the same with chrome wheel skins – they are made from other materials but coated with chrome to get that shiny look.

Many car manufacturers use chromium to plate other parts of the car. Things like door handles, sills, mirrors, and window frames all look better when covered in chromium. Well, at least in most people’s eyes.

What Are Chrome Wheel Skins?

They are specifically designed parts that cover the existing wheels on your car. Chrome Wheel Skins work just like the plastic wheel covers for older steel wheels. The only difference is that they mimic the look of your wheel, albeit with a different finish.

In this case, that’s the chrome look, but wheel skins can have other finishes like black, silver, and any other color. So, to sum it up, chrome wheel skins are designed for modern aluminum and alloy wheels.

Most chrome wheel skins that you’d find are made from hard ABS plastic. This material is cheaper than most metals. However, don’t for a second think that it isn’t durable. The plastic is hard enough to cope with blows, yet elastic enough for easy installation.

The best thing about plastic is that when it breaks, the replacement wheel skin will be very cheap to buy.

Benefits of Chrome Rim Covers

The most obvious benefit of installing chrome wheel skins on your car is the enhanced look. Immediately after you installed the covers, your vehicle will look more luxurious and sportier. Of course, your vehicle will become more of a head-turner than before.

But there is an even more important benefit of wheel covers, and that’s protection. The aluminum or alloy wheels on modern cars certainly look the part, but not for very long. Due to a lot of brake dust, debris, and small particles coming in contact with the wheels, they will lose the shine in no time.

Furthermore, hitting a curb with your wheel will damage it for good. And when that happens, replacing the rims with a new one can be very expensive. And what happens if all four rims are damaged in some way?

If you are one of the people that care about how their wheels look, chrome wheel skins will help greatly to protect them. With skins attached to the rims, the dust and debris from the road will hit the skin and not the wheel. Even after thousands of miles driver, the wheels will still look like new.

Oh, and if you don’t care about how your wheels look, remember that you can sell your car for more money if there is no damage on the wheels.

Is There a Difference Between Hub Caps and Wheel Skins?

Hub caps and wheel skins are an entirely different thing. While wheel skins cover the whole rim, hub caps only cover the hole in the middle of the wheel. Most alloy and aluminum wheels already come with a hub cap attached to cover the hole in the center of the wheel. Most wheels accept have universal center caps for rims, but some newer models only accept specifically designed hub caps.

Some wheel skins won’t cover the center area. That’s why installing chrome hub caps might be important if you want to keep that shiny look. Many chrome wheel skin manufacturers will offer you hub caps in the package. If not, you can purchase them separately and easily install them on the rims.

How to Install Chrome Wheel Skins?

Installing chrome rim covers is very straightforward, as easy as mounting plastic wheel covers. However, you will need to make sure that you purchase the right chrome wheel skins for your wheels. When purchasing online, check thoroughly to see if the accessories are designed for your vehicle, wheel design, and wheel size.

Usually, there is only one step required to install wheel skins. However, in some situations, you might need to use a sharp object, such as a flathead screwdriver to help the skins fit into place. Let’s dig into more detail.

Start by gently putting the wheel skin over your rims and press on the sides. The skins are equipped with clips on the outer ring, which should snap into place easily. Apply slight pressure on all sides until the skins fit snugly.

If the skin is loose after the application, find the clips that aren’t attached. Then, put a flathead screwdriver into the slot over the mounting clip to help it click into place. Again, be gentle – the applying too much pressure with the screwdriver might damage the skin or even the rim.

One last recommendation – take your time while installing your new chrome wheels skins. Pushing them too hard against the wheels might result in a crack. Also, if the skins are loose, they might fall off the rim while driving. Take your time to ensure that each clip has clicked into place perfectly and the skins fit like a glove.

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