Best Ford Lug Nuts & Locks

Lug nuts are chrome plated steel nuts that are often rounded and help in wheel fastening. The nuts ensure that the wheel is firmly attached to the wheel hub to help evade any dislodging that could further lead to accidents. Although most of the Ford lug nuts are made from chrome-plated steel, racing cars use titanium made nuts since they are lighter.

Lug nuts come in different sizes depending on your Ford trim. If you wrongly place lug nuts and they accidentally break then removing your wheel becomes extremely hard. You are hence advised to be more cautious when choosing the lug nuts.

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Different Types of Lug Nuts

- Conical lug nuts - These are the most common types of lug nuts around the market today and can fit most car models. They are corn shaped, hence the name acorn lug nuts.

- Spherical - They are also called, wheel nuts or ball seat lug nuts. You can easily recognize it due to its spherical seat at the bottom. Its head resembles that of the conical lug nuts, hence you require to keenly look at the seat to know the difference.

- Flat washer - As seen above, the lug nuts bear their names from the bottom look, and flat seat lug nuts are no different, it bears its name due to its flat bottom.

Please note that most of the lug nuts are only dedicated to aftermarket wheels. If you are hence looking for Ford lug nuts for your factory wheels, always ensure you get the sizes right.

Installation and Maintenance of Lug Nuts

You require to have a socket and a torque wrench. First, place the nuts one by one on the wheel and tighten afterward. Ensure the grip is well made on wheels. On the maintenance end, be cautious not to put any lubricant on the lug nuts threads and always ensure you have not tightened the lug fully.

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