Best Acura TPMS Sensors

An abrupt tire burst can be hazardous on the motorists, passengers or other road users, as it can cause a perilous accident. In the past, motorists used to manually predict their car’s air pressure and this led to an increased number of carnages. However, manufacturers curbed this by introducing TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System. As the name suggests, TPMS is an automated system that is installed on your Acura to alert you in case your tire pressure goes below the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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Types of TPMS Sensors for your Acura

There are two types of TPMS systems in place. These include: 
- Direct TPMS- It has a tire sensor that is installed on the car’s wheel and helps measure the air pressure on all tires. In case of a pressure surge that goes below 25% of the manufacturer’s recommendation, the sensor alerts the computer system in the car, hence triggering a dashboard indicator to signal the driver.
- Indirect TPMS- Nowadays. Cars have Antilock braking systems that sense the wheel speed. As it is scientifically known, if one tire has low pressure, it will move at a lower speed than the rest. These sensors detect that and alert your computer system, triggering the dashboard light as well. 

TPMS Sensor’s Battery Life and Replacement

The TPMS sensor operates on a lithium-ion battery that can last from 5 to 10 years depending on how frequently you use your  Acura . Once the battery is over, you must completely replace the sensor and this can cost you from $400 going up depending on the sensor type. 
The TPMS sensor requires replacement by professionals, though the process doesn’t take long. However, some configurations might seem technical to a non-professional. The TPMS sensors can be used interchangeably on wheels but you should not change the valve stems. This helps new users to save money that they could have otherwise used to completely replace the complete set

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